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In recent years, condominium living has seemingly exploded as the newest wave among homeowners. For many men and women making their bread and butter out in the city, living in a condo has proven to be a more convenient alternative compared to the grueling daily commute. Career may not be the only reason more people are opting for condo living, however. Singles, couples and even families have all taken that brave leap to condo living for a myriad of reasons.
The good news is that prospective condo owners now have a range of options available to them no matter where they go. For those who carry out their livelihood in the Far East, there is no shortage of real estate agents out there who can provide a healthy selection of condos ideal for every budget. Singapore, one of the main economic capitals of Asia, is no exception. For those looking to eke out a luxurious and relaxing lifestyle in the city, they need only get in touch with The Rainforest.
At The Rainforest, residents can enjoy all the comforts of home while still living the high life. They no longer have to worry about being late for work everyday when their office is just around the corner. Situated in the heart of the city center, The Rainforest eliminates the stress from the daily commute through close proximity to a number of reliable public transport hubs. With instant access to an integrated bus interchange and the Choa Chu Kang  MRT station, office workers can say goodbye to all the usual headaches associated with traffic or long travel time. Car owners will also receive the privilege of basement parking.
Some of the best condominiums are host to a number of high-quality amenities that cater to every resident. To wit, The Rainforest has its own swimming pools, playground, gymnasium, sauna and tennis courts. Now folks of every athletic persuasion can get the workout they need. Foodies will also have access to dedicated barbeque pits ideal for family get-togethers.
Residents will also be in close proximity to a number of other local institutions. Choa Chu Kang Central shall be home to a fun variety of retail stores and commercial establishments for the avid shopaholics.
Nobody likes having their home experience being constantly pestered by landlords demanding rent or else, and the people at The Rainforest EC know this all too well. When you apply for your own unit, you benefit from a hassle-free 99-year lease plan that allows you to make yourself comfortable in your new home. With over 500 residential units available, there should be no hurry when it comes to building your own private space.
The Rainforest will formally open its doors in September of 2015.